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I poured a whole glass of milk on my Mac book air a few years ago!! After about 3 days it was working again. I used it for another year and a half but it would glitch and shut off so I had them check it out. Turns out it was so severely water damaged they didn't know how it works. Anyhow my brother still uses it and it works just fine! Hope your turns out okay!

That’s crazy!!!! They told me it was just the battery so happy!!!

When people hear the word beauty, first thing that comes to mind is appearance. Not only the media, but the fitness industry has given society the idea that beauty is just that - appearance. It’s so much more than that, and honestly I don’t even consider that to be a main definition of beauty. Girls in particular have fallen victim to this idea that beauty has to mean perfection - 6 pack abs, face full of makeup, nice clothes, plastic surgery, etc. I know I sure have, and have struggled with body image and insecurities for a long time. I still do, but I work on it everyday. But guess what? There is more to life than how you look. Everything has beauty, it’s all about how you perceive things. Change your perspective and watch your life change for the better. I know mine sure has. What beauty means to me more in depth is up on the blog ❤️

Am I the only one who takes 1918272618 pills at once? 😂#donttrythisathome

What Beauty Means to Me

What Beauty Means to Me

Jumping back into the September Blogging Challenge today, and the topic is Makeupless Monday / What beauty means to me. Yes, it’s Tuesday, but I didn’t post yesterday, so it works ;)


I never wear makeup, so here’s a make-up less selfie from the other day before my workout.

Beauty to me is many things, but I don’t think of “physical beauty” that many people may think of when they hear that word.…

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What is a good way to tone obliches

It’s mostly about losing body fat to show your obliques but exercises like Russian twists, cable twists, side in and outs etc.!

Repost from @lord_swoldemort 😂😂😂 #mylife

Spilled an entire glass of water on my MacBook Air last night. I’m devastated, I haven’t even paid it off yet. Drowning my sorrows in my favorite breakfast and then sweating out my stress 😭 nothing I can do but try and stay positive. On another note, trader joes turkey bacon is 👌have a good Monday everyone!

Are Online Calorie Calculators Accurate?

Are Online Calorie Calculators Accurate?

Probably the most common thing that people seek out help for during their fitness journey is how many calories should they be eating and what  their macronutrient split should be.


For the people who aren’t my specific clients and would rather try and figure things out for themselves, I do recommend them to go to and to fill out the info and see what the calculator comes up with.


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Came in for one thing, left with an entire basket 😂 never fails. but I FOUND KABOCHA!!! Hallelujah 😍

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Sarah Loogman Box jump 53 inches (1.35m) 

What and how. Mostly, how.

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Do you go to the Georgia/Florida game?

I don’t live near my campus anymore =/